for brass quintet
duration c. 00:05:00

Program Note:

Flight (2011) is a five-minute work for brass quintet that sweeps the listener through a musical journey of exuberance. The constant motivic eighth-note groove provides an energetic rhythmic underpinning over which melodic material floats in an effortlessly joyous arc. Featuring an improvised trumpet solo, Flight relies on the player’s own spur-of-the-moment emotions to complete the piece.

Performance History:

4.30.129:30pmUrness Recital Hall, St. Olaf CollegeFresh InkNeil Hulbert, tpt; Tim McCarthy, tpt; Ellan Krubsack, hn; Zach Gingerich, trb; Robin Schulze, bstrb
3.31.124:00pmUCC Recital Hall, University of IowaJessica Palmer Senior Trumpet RecitalJessica Palmer, tpt; Michelle Goldberg, tpt; Nick Waymire, hn; Robbie Medd, tbn; Devin Jacobsen, tba