duration c. 00:04:30

Program Note:

Nothing heralds cataclysm like 9 timpani bombastically declaiming “Dies Irae” tutta forza. In this fanfare, I strove to maintain a melodic foundation while exploring technical and rhythmic elements of timpani technique. As such, I shy away from extended techniques à la Carter, so as not to obfuscate the transformations of the source chant melody. By using hocket scoring, I am able to reduce pedaling, further contributing to pitch clarity and facilitating the performance of intricate rhythms. Nonetheless, a variety of mallets and specific indications of which drums certain passages should be played on add timbral depth to this fanfare.

Performance History:

3.8.158:15pmUrness Recital Hall, St. Olaf CollegeSenior Composition RecitalMichael Betz, John Kronlokken