for full orchestra: 2+picc,2+eh,2+bass,2+contra | 4,3,2+bass,1 | timp+4 | harp | cel | pf | strings
duration c. 00:06:30

Commissioned by the 2014-2015 St. Olaf Orchestra, cond. Steven Amundson

2017 Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute Honorable Mention
2015–2016 Symphony Number One Call for Scores 2 Finalist

Program Note:

Abstractly, “Enclosure” is about the desire inherent at the confluence of inevitability and tendency. We often desire that which we are the least likely to pursue; tendency as promise of the inevitable offers comfort. However, if the inevitable is conceived of as a valid simultaneity of all possible outcomes, then it merely exists as a reminder that the future will come to pass. Now, desire can overcome tendency: both have the potential to become the inevitable. This inner conflict can result in a feeling of enclosure, which I have represented musically with the surround tone figure, also called an enclosure. The enclosure is a method by which a target note is approached. This can occur from above or below, and consists simply of playing an upper/lower neighbor, the other neighbor, then the target note. The enclosure represents a very basic tension/resolution paradigm, and is the genesis for many structures in this piece. Lush, yearning sections of music containing melodic and harmonic material contrast with austere explorations of the single pitches comprising the surround tone figuration. As the formal, macrocosmic presentation of the enclosure follows its own tendency to inescapable resolution, the melodic/harmonic material weaves in and out in sinuous dialogue. When the music culminates on an orchestra-wide unison, the inevitable has been reached—but whether desire or tendency has been followed remains uncertain.

Performance History:

5.10.153:30pmBoe Chapel, St. Olaf CollegeSt. Olaf Orchestra