for concert band
duration c. 00:07:15

Commissioned by the 2014-2015 St. Olaf Band for their 125th anniversary, cond. Timothy Mahr

2015–2016 Symphony Number One Call for Scores 2 Finalist

Program Note:

“Emergence” was written for the 125th anniversary of the St. Olaf Band’s 1891 founding. The title refers to the concept of emergent properties: new behaviors resulting from the conglomeration of component objects joined together to create a higher-functioning aggregate. This process is reflected through individuals coming together to play in the St. Olaf Band.

“Emergence” seeks to reference the heritage of the band while possessing enough musical worth to function as a standalone work that could be performed for any occasion by any ensemble. This unique compositional challenge is addressed through numerical representation of 125 years via the pitch set (014) (a set composed of the intervals of a minor second, major second and major third); musical quotation of the college hymn, “Fram! Fram! Kristmenn Krossmenn”; orchestrational representation of the instrumental evolution of the band (which began as a brass band); and textural representation of the individual’s contribution to the band. In highlighting these elements, the piece focuses on two evolutions: that of the individual through interacting with the band, and that of the band itself through its 125 years.

“Emergence” was funded by the St. Olaf Collaborative Undergraduate Research and Inquiry program in the summer of 2014.

Performance History:

5.23.153:00pmSkoglund Auditorium, St. Olaf CollegeSt. Olaf Band